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La Huera

A Story of Love, Faith and Hope

Evelyn's life changed the moment Henry walked into the restaurant. 
The splash of salsa on her greased stained apron could not distract him from her beauty. Unfortunately Evelyn was engaged to Afton. They dated four years and marriage seemed the next step. The wedding was just three weeks away. Her knees buckled beneath her as Henry came close. It was a feeling she never felt before. Now she knew she was in love, but it was not with Afton.

My novel, la Huera, is the story of a young Hispanic girl who grew up between the cultures in a small copper mining town in Arizona. It was during the Depression and later World War II that Evelyn found hope in family, friends and her faith. But what she learned would not prepare her for the challenges she was yet to face. In her small town, she received love and security but it was in the big city, through pain and loss, that she discovered her reason for living.


You can order your copy of La Huera through Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and Noble or this link below.

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