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About Frankie Mae

"Don't be so dramatic!" That's what they always told me...but, I couldn't help it. It's in my blood. I come from a very musical family. In fact, we even had our own quartet. My mother had four children; An alto, soprano, bass and tenor. I started singing at age three and appeared regularly on the Lew King Ranger show, a local children's variety show that aired every Saturday morning. I continued to pursue the arts through music and acting, creative writing, commercials and voice overs. 


With my children now grown, I feel like I am the one leaving the nest and following my passion and dreams. I am discovering life on my own for the first time!


But seriously, I think my biggest challenge has been raising a son with Kabuki Syndrome. He taught me so much about love, devotion and how to cherish life and not be afraid of anything. He is an inspiration to all who know him. I was given an assignment of honor for which I am so grateful. 


The Artist


Frankie Mae has been painting for 15 years. She brings a whimsical style to each piece she paints. Two of her earliest creations are on display at the Kierland Westin Resort and Spa. Her paintings have been featured in restaurants and studios around the valley. 


The Author


Frankie Mae has written short stories, articles, commercials and ad copy before her first novel,

la Huera, A Story of Love, Faith and Hope


My years of experience as a ghostwriter and copywriter lead me to pursue this project with passion. I am intimately familiar with the drama and emotion involved in this story as I am the daughter of both Evelyn and Henry. I also spent countless hours listening to Evelyn recount and relive her incredible yet common life.

Frankie Mae is a real estate agent in Phoenix, Arizona where she lives. She has four grown children and three grandchildren. 

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